Your questions about Flu Vaccine 2018

WOW! We have had so many questions and phone calls about the Influenza Vaccine for 2018. We are so glad that so many people are wanting to protect themselves. 
Here are a few answers to your FAQ:

Do we have stock? 
Yes, we have one type of vaccine for adults aged 18 to 64 and a different one for patients over the age of 65.

Who can we vaccinate?
At Eden Rise Pharmacy we can only vaccinate adults aged over 18.

Are walk ins welcome?
Yes walk ins are welcome during the week, provided we have a pharmacist on that is qualified to administer the vaccination. On weekends, it may be a good idea to ring ahead first to double check on (03)8794 7920

Do you need a script?

How much will it cost?
$15 for patients over 65.
$15 for patients aged between 18 and 64 who have a chronic medical health condition such as asthma and diabetes.
$25 for all other patients.
**The first two categories of patients might qualify to get their vaccination free from their GP.

How long does it take?
It will only take a few minuted but we will need to observe you for 15 mins afterwards.

What about Children?
We have in stock a vaccine that is suitable for children aged between 3 years to 18 years old. We are waiting for a vaccine that will be suitable for children from 6 months to 3 years old (due in May). You will need to get a script from your GP and will have to then take the vaccine back to your GP to get administered.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us on (03)8794 7924