Kiana Beauty shares their tips on making someone smile

How is it March already, I hear you say? This year is travelling at lightning speed.

We’re all digitally hyper-connected and the lines between home and work are blurred. More than ever, we need to make a conscious effort to be present in the moment and have real connections with our loved ones.

One of the most powerful connections we can have with our loved ones is to make them smile. Stav, fragrance lover and Co-Director of Kiana Beauty was asked by Bupa Dental for tips on how a signature fragrance can make someone smile.

An alluring scent turns heads, starts conversations and makes people smile.


Shay and Blue London’s Sicilian Limes Natural Spray Fragrance does just this, making it a firm favourite of mine.

A spray of this fragrance evokes wonderful memories of an amazing Italian holiday.

An energising burst of lime with a hint of pine and rosemary transports me (and my husband, when he smells it on me) back to the excitement and wonder of Italy.

This makes us smile.

Shay and Blue Sicilian Limes

Shay and Blue London are a boutique perfumery with a commitment to the traditional craft of creating perfumes. Their artisans work with real flowers, fruits and spices, resulting in unique and richly decadent scents.

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