Why it pays to ask your pharmacist

 Top Ten Tips

A visit to a community pharmacist can save money, save time and keep you healthy. Community pharmacies offer more and more services every year. The “Discover More. Ask your Pharmacist.” campaign encourages Australians to learn more about the services available. Here we list our top 10 reasons why it is worth visiting your community pharmacy at Eden Rise.

1. Clinically trained pharmacists are available at convenient hours with no appointment. One in five Australians say wait times at their GP are not acceptable.

2. Minor ailments, like colds, hay fever, aches and pains can be assessed by a pharmacist and treatment recommended on the spot.

3. Consumers can get good health advice without paying nearly $40 Medicare gap payment for visiting a GP for a standard consultation.

4. Pharmacists can issue certificates (for a fee) for sick leave absence from workplaces for certain conditions. No appointments are necessary.

5. Pharmacists love helping with new babies. They are trained to give advice on feeding, nutrition and baby care.

6. Dressings and pain relief after a medical procedure or hospital stay can be supplied.

7. Minor sports injuries can be assessed and treated in-store by a pharmacist without the need to wait at accident and emergency or a medical centre.

8. Community pharmacies can help save you money by making sure you are taking only the right medicines you need at the right dose. Surveys show 90 per cent of people with asthma use their inhaler medicines incorrectly.

9. Your pharmacy can pack your medicines in a dose administration aid to make sure you are taking the right medicines at the right time.

10.Your community pharmacy at Eden Rise can offer advice on medicines over the phone to people who are unable to leave home and come into the pharmacy. Pharmacists also offer home medicine reviews (a home visit at no cost to the patient) funded by Government for some needy patients. To discover even more visit Eden Rise Pharmacy.