Soothe your baby’s skin with Jurlique

For me, one of the sweetest scents in the world is the smell of a freshly bathed baby.

I love how a bath can help a baby unwind, making him or her sleepy and extra cuddly, allowing me to inhale that sweet scent just one more time before bed.

I have used Jurlique Baby skincare products on all three of my children from when they were tiny, and still do.  

It reassures me that Jurlique products are made from all organic ingredients that are grown on their farm in the Adelaide Hills.  

There are no irritants or toxins in their formulations and their baby skincare products are tested and approved by a Paediatrician and Dermatologist.

This endorsement is important to me. Life is a busy juggle, and Jurlique have taken the worry away from me about what I’m putting on my children’s precious skin.

My sweet 12-month old son, with his delicious thighs smells heavenly after bath time

The Jurlique Baby skincare products are gentle enough to be used from one month old and smell heavenly.  

The divine lavender scent is calming and it helps connect my older children back to nature.  

Just the way I like it.  

If you want to try our favourite Jurlique baby products you can  buy online here