Afternoon Teal – Ovarian Cancer Australia

We are calling on all Australians to help Ovarian Cancer Australia reduce the impact of ovarian cancer and improve the outcomes for women and their families living with this insidious disease. By hosting an Afternoon Teal event, you are helping your loved ones know the signs and symptoms of the disease and know their family history.

Our Afternoon Teal campaign encourages people to host a fundraising event for their friends, family or colleagues. Whether it’s a high tea, picnic, golf day, movie night or gala dinner, anybody and everybody can get involved!

Ovarian Cancer Australia relies on our fundraising community to be able to help us continue to deliver our awareness, support, advocacy and research programs. Ovarian Cancer Australia is the only national organisation that provides direct support to those living with ovarian cancer – both the women experiencing the disease and their loved ones – through support groups, phone support, online resources and more.

Please register your event today or make a donation and help to ensure that no woman living with ovarian cancer ever walks alone.