Tips to beat the bite

Children are vulnerable to mosquito bites.
Mosquitoes can carry diseases that could make them sick, so it’s up to us to help kids beat the bite.
To protect children from mozzies:
🦟 Limit their outdoor activity when mosquito numbers are high.
Make sure they wear long, loose-fitting clothing outdoors.
🦟 Apply a thin, even layer of mosquito repellent to all exposed skin, avoiding hands, eyes and mouth. Choose a lower strength repellent for young children and babies (no more than 20% picaridin or DEET).
🦟 If your child has sensitive skin (or is bothered by the smell of DEET) use picaridin or apply repellent to their clothes instead.
🦟 Drape a mosquito net over the pram, stroller or infant carrier (make sure there are no gaps).
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