December is Decembeard , grow a beard and help save lives!

This December grow a beard, raise funds and help us save lives.

Choose from one of the beardy options below and register now to start making a difference!


Ready to grow? Sign up online at Decembeard® Australia: Register Now.

Create your own individual or team Decembeard® Australia webpage in just minutes and invite everyone you know to make an online donation to Bowel Cancer Australia in support of your facial hair fundraiser.

Simply create a profile, set your target, add a picture and blurb about why you’re growing a beard for Decembeard®, and you’re good to go!

Each Decembeard® Australia fundraising page has its own unique website link, which you can include in your promotional posters/flyers, send via email or put on your social networking sites to invite your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, co-workers, acquaintances and anyone else you can think of to donate.

Every online donation is recorded on your Decembeard® Australia fundraising page along with any special messages from your supporters.

Receipts are also issued to the donor automatically, so that means no “handling money” for you, and no time spent by us issuing receipts or paying for postage.

Sound good?! Visit the Decembeard® Australia: Online Fundraising Webpage now to register and start fundraising.


– Inspire your friends: Are your mates always tugging at your beard? Get them involved by creating a Decembeard® team and make yourself the captain! Share your beard experience and fundraise together;

– Get decorative: Dye, decorate or shave your precious fur and create something amazing! Let your friends know what you are aiming for so they can donate to the cause;

– Beard of your choice: Hold a fundraising event such as beard match, gig or fancy dress. Ask people to donate to get involved in the activities.

Sign up online for a Decembeard® Australia Beard Challenge now.