Flu Vaccine Available now

Flu season is coming, and the flu vaccine is the best way to protect you and your family from the flu.


Our trained pharmacists are able to give the flu vaccine to people aged 10 years and over in both Berwick Pharmacy and Eden Rise Pharmacy. Cost is $25 per person.


Bookings advisable to  ensure we have supply of the appropriate vaccine, and availability of a trained pharmacist.


High risk individuals are entitled to a government-subsidised flu vaccine. The criteria includes: 
– aged 65 years and older
– pregnant women
– Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
– people with certain medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease & diabetes

People who fulfil this criteria may obtain their flu vaccine from their GP when available, and this may be bulk-billed.


However, these vaccines are also available at Berwick Pharmacy and Eden Rise Pharmacy at an administration cost of $15.


Please speak to one of our pharmacists for further details or to book your date and time.For more information about the flu and the flu vaccine, head to the Immunisation Coalition website.


Coronavirus Update

It seems like almost everyday, we receive new information about COVID-19 and how we can best reduce the risk of transmission, and keep our customers and our team safe.


It’s been a time of uncertainty, worry and even fear, but we are hopeful that all the measures that the government has put in place will flatten the curve, and reduce the spread.


We wanted to say a very big public thank you to every single member of our team who has worked tirelessly to ensure our community still has access to essential healthcare services. Every single day, they come in and do their best to help people, all with a smile on their faces. They have had to deal with constant changes and updates, and are working harder than ever before, and we are very proud of them.


Here is some general advice about medicines and COVID-19:


  • We discourage stockpiling of medicines. We will only dispense one lot of repeats at a time, in line with government recommendations.
  • Salbutamol inhalers (Ventolin, Asmol) sold over-the-counter are restricted to one inhaler per person, and pharmacists are required to confirm the patient’s diagnosis and need for supply.
  • To allow equal access to more patients, we are limiting supply of some over-the-counter medicines to one unit per person, and some medicines, such as children’s paracetamol, are now kept behind the counter.
  • You are welcome to leave your prescription with us, and return later for collection, if you’d prefer not to wait.
  • We prefer payment by tapping of debit and credit cards to minimise handling of money,
Please note that this advice is subject to change, as we receive new information from the Australian government.
For more information about changes to medicines during COVID-19, head to the Hon Greg Hunt MP, Minister for Health official webpage.


For more information on COVID-19, head to the Australian Government Department of Health website.


Home delivery of medicines

You may be eligible for free delivery of medicines if you are elderly or have to self-isolate for health reasons.

Please ring us and speak to one of our pharmacists to determine if you are eligible.


We’d like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter, and to thank everyone for their patience, understanding and kindness during this difficult time.