Kiana Beauty is four years old!

22 January 2015.
The day we launched Kiana Beauty Melbourne.

What had started as a small idea then a meeting between Stav, Bron, myself and a web developer, ended up being many, many, many (you get my drift!) months of hard work before we went live.

We were pharmacists who knew virtually nothing about running an online store. I mean, we had all bought some stuff online, but had no idea about payment gateways, shipping logistics, SEO or any of the other tech-speak that was thrown at us.

And today, it’s our fourth birthday. Bron is no longer working with us, but is still a loyal customer. And Stav and I now have four years of experience under our belts, four years of working late into the night when the kids are asleep, or sneaking emails in the day, on the weekends, whenever the work needs to be and can get done.

It’s hard to believe we are still here. We never could have done it without our Kiana team, and our support teams at home.

Special thanks to Jaki, who has been with us from the beginning, and Peter, who joined us later on, and has been responsible for so many of our site’s improvements, and continues to do so. Also to Sarah macht Sachen , our graphic designer, who helped us create the logo, packaging, website and branding behind Kiana. And finally, to our customers, for choosing to shop with us and be part of our small business.

We can’t wait to see what the coming year brings. Stay tuned too for a birthday giveaway!


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