Meet Pete, one of our owners and pharmacists.

Pete has been at Eden Rise Pharmacy from the day it opened (actually, even before!) so if you have a question, he’s generally your guy.

Pete loves the wide variety of people that come through the pharmacy. He’s got three kids aged between 4 and 10, so he loves being able to help parents, and provide advice and reassurance to brand new parents who can often, understandably, be nervous or worried.

He’s also enjoyed seeing the development and growth of Eden Rise into a real health hub, particularly now that there’s Langmore Clinic , CoreDental , pathology and eye testing in the centre.

If Pete wasn’t a pharmacist, he’d likely be working in IT, and his IT skills definitely come in handy when there are issues with the computers!

Otherwise, Pete loves reading biographies, and watching Top Gear UK (the original series, of course), the new series of The Crown, or his all-time favourite movie, Back to the Future.

Pete – we love your dedication and hard work. You never stop trying to do the best for your patients, and you’ve formed real relationships with them.

📸 photo credit Ammy Lam Photography

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