Pelvic Floor First

Pelvic Floor First is an initiative of the Continence Foundation of Australia and aims to reduce the number of men and women who experience pelvic floor dysfunction as a result of inappropriate exercise regimes.

Visit the Pelvic Floor First website.

The aim is supported by the following objectives:

    • strengthen the relationship between the continence and fitness industry
    • increase awareness of the link between certain types of exercise and pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, and
    • promote pelvic floor safe exercises.

This will support people to remain active without the fear and anxiety related to incontinence.

The primary target audience of the Pelvic Floor First campaign are women and men at increased risk of pelvic floor problems who exercise, play sport or participate in some form of physical activity. These people include:

    • pregnant women
    • women who have recently, or ever, had a baby
    • women who are going through, or have gone through, menopause
    • women who have undergone gynaecological surgery, and
    • men who have undergone surgery for prostate cancer.

The secondary target audience of the Pelvic Floor First campaign include:

    • fitness professionals, and
    • health professionals (including continence professionals and other health professionals such as midwives, practice nurses, maternal and child health nurses and GPs).

These professionals are ideally placed to raise awareness of this issue, refer clients for help and support, and promote pelvic floor safe exercise.