We have face masks in stock

▪️Made of blended 95% cotton plus 5% spandex inner layer and 170gsm 100% polyester outer layer
▪️2 layers, both lightweight
▪️Elastic ear straps
▪️Washable and reusable
▪️Fabric has some stretch, so fit securely over the nose and mouth
Available now, $15 each.
No refunds or exchanges available.
▪️These masks are not approved by any organisations.
▪️We are not profiting from people’s fear during this pandemic. We are just supplying due to shortage and demand.
▪️Wearing a mask does not make you immune to viruses. It does not replace hand hygiene and social distancing.
▪️Please refer to information from the Victorian government for up-to-date information.
How to put your face mask on:
1. Wash or sanitise your hands.
2. Take your clean, unused mask by the ear loops or strings.
3. Put them over your ears or tie them behind your head.
4. Make sure your mask is completely covering your nose, mouth and chin.
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