Return your unwanted medicines to Eden Rise Pharmacy

Are you spring cleaning or doing a KonMari clean? Do you have any expired or unwanted medicines at home? Our pharmacists and the rest of our team want you to bring them in!

You can return any unwanted or expired medicines to us. We will organise safe disposal, at no charge, as part of the RUM Project (Return of Unwanted Medicines), funded by the Commonwealth Government.

In the 2017-18 financial year, pharmacists around Australia collected over 800,000 kg of unwanted medicines.

Some facts about expired and unwanted medicines:
💊 It can be dangerous to keep expired or unwanted medicines in the house.
💊 Children, pets or even adults might accidentally take medicines not intended for them.
💊 Chemical changes can occur to some out-of-date medicines, making them toxic.
💊 Putting medicines in the rubbish bin, pouring them down the sink, or flushing them down the toilet can contaminate the environment and affect our waterways.

So give your medicine cabinet a clean out, and bring any unwanted medicines to us for safe disposal. You can learn more here