Thanks Jaki!

Last week we had our @berwickpharmacy and Eden Rise Pharmasave Pharmacy Christmas party, and we had to publicly thank Jaki.

Jaki’s title is retail manager across both stores, but she’s so much more than that. She does the roster. She organises the promotions, speaks to our reps and chooses what we stock. She communicates important messages to our staff. She tidies the store and keeps everyone focused.
But she’s also the person our team go to when they need a cry. She’s the person they speak to about family or relationship issues. She’s the person who is there for a hug if needed. Or sometimes to dish out the tough love.
We feel so grateful to have Jaki on our management team. She’s really 1 in a million and we can’t thank her enough for everything she does for our staff and our customers.
PS. She also hates public attention so is likely to be slightly mortified by this post.
PPS. Big thanks to the team at Shanikas who looked after us so well once again last night.
photo description: from left to right, Jaki with a beautiful bunch of flowers with our partners Darren, Pete and Stephen
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